Herbal Antibacterial Wash 60ML

Herbal Antibacterial Wash 60ML

Herbal Antibacterial Wash 60ML

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苦参 Sophora Flavescens: 清热,燥湿,祛风,杀虫,保护子宫不生浊水 Reduce heatiness , Promote excretion of biological wastes and dampness , Dispel wind ,Anti-parastic and protect Uterus From Oedema

五倍子 Rhus chinensis: 降火,敛汗,止血,收湿,敛疮 Reduce body heat and reduce sweating,stop bleeding,get rid of excess humidity,subside soreness

百部 Stemona Tuberosa: 杀虫,灭虱,止痒 Anti-parasitic effect and relieve itchiness

薄荷 Mentha: 清凉,防潮湿 Cooling effect and reduce humidity

甘油 Clycerin: 滋润,保湿,锁水 Nourishing , Moisturizing

醋酸氯已定 Chloroacetate: 消毒,杀菌 Disinfection , Sterilization

冰片 Borneol: 清凉,防潮湿 Cooling effect and reduce humidity

尚得净草本抑菌洗液 ( 60ml )

主要功能 :

特点 :
草本,纯天然,温和,PH 值跟女性私密处一样,能瞬间被吸收。

外置:( 不需要用导管 )
→ 私密处/ 生殖器官沾水,
→ 洗液摇晃 20-30 下后
→ 倒立按压一秒钟 然后按揉一会儿
→ 免洗 冲洗都可以
→ 男女均用!



护肤 - 洁面后,直接涂抹,停留 30-50 分钟
痔疮 - 内置到肛门里,免洗。

怀孕者, 经期妇女 和 未婚女性 不建议使用 !

尚得净草本抑菌洗液 (泡泡洗液)
内置 + 外洗 还你一个健康的私密环境。

The main function :
Hemostasis, sterilization, protection of vaginal mucosa, prevention of vaginal relaxation

Herbal, natural, mild, with the same PH value as the private parts of women, it can be absorbed instantly.

External: (No need to use catheter)
→ The privacy / genital organs get water,
→ Shake the lotion for 20-30 times
→ Press it upside down for one second, then press and rub for a while
→ No need to wash or rinse
→ For both men and women!

Once a day, dilute, undiluted, no-wash, or rinse!
Can quickly kill the dirt, bacteria and viruses in the male smegma.


Heal wounds, remove acne, remove oil, and eliminate hemorrhoids
Skin care-After cleansing, apply directly and leave for 30-50 minutes
Hemorrhoids-built into the anus, no need to wash.

Not recommended for pregnant women, menstruating women and unmarried women!

Shangdejing Herbal Antibacterial Lotion (bubble lotion)
Built-in + wash-out will give you a healthy and private environment.

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