Lady Antibacterial Lotion 15g

Lady Antibacterial Lotion 15g

Lady Antibacterial Lotion 15g

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金盏花 Calendula Officinalis L: 消炎,抗菌,活血,凉血,止血 Anti-inflammatory , Antibacterial , Promotes blood circulation , Cooling up the blood , Stop Bleeding

当归 Angelica Sinensis (Oliv.) Diels: 补血,和血,调经,止痛 Promote red blood cells prodution , Hormonal therapy , Pain relief.

野菊花 Dendranthema Indicum: 疏风,清热,消肿,解毒 Dispel wind , Reduce body heat , Subsude swelling , Detoxification

百合 Lilium Brownii Var.Vindilum: 清心安神 Calming effect

金缕梅 Hamamelis Molis Oliver ( With Hazel ): 收敛,紧致,补中益气,美容 Firming , Nourishing , Beauty effect

主要功能 :
缩阴,抑菌, 紧致,延时,润滑

成份 :

金盏花 - 消炎,抗菌,活血,凉血,止血
当归 - 补血,和血,调经,止痛
野菊花 - 疏风,清热,消肿,解毒
百合 - 清心安神
金缕梅 - 收敛,紧致,补中益气,美容

→ 缩阴,紧致,调理沥尿
→ 可每天用来保养,连用7天基本见效
→ 连用 2-3 个月,会发现私处非常紧致,从而调理沥尿
→ 夫妻性生活时用缩阴立竿见影

→ 夫妻性生活中,男人勃起时挤压3滴到龟头处达到延时及润滑效果

→ 解决干燥,漏尿,尿失禁


→ 去眼袋,紧致皮肤,消除痔疮
→ 护肤 :洁面后直接涂抹,配合提拉紧致的手法,面部紧致效果非常好
→ 痔疮 :先用抑菌精华渗透,再用抑菌洗液

怀孕者, 经期妇女 和 皮肤过敏者,进行脸部手术后 禁止使用!

女性回春之美,与另一半最要 “紧”的事

The main function :
Negative reduction, antibacterial, firming, delay, lubrication


Calendula-anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, invigorating blood, cooling blood, hemostasis
Angelica-Tonic blood, harmonize blood, regulate menstruation, relieve pain
Wild Chrysanthemum-relieve wind, clear away heat, reduce swelling, detoxify
Lily-peace of mind
Witch hazel-astringent, firming, nourishing the vitality, beauty

For women's private parts:
→ Reduce Yin, tighten, regulate draining urine
→ It can be used for maintenance every day, and basically effective after 7 days of continuous use
→ After 2-3 months of continuous use, you will find that the private parts are very tight, thus regulating the urine
→ When couples have sex, they can get immediate results with shrinking shadows

For men's private parts:
→ In married life, when a man is erect, squeeze 3 drops to the glans to achieve a delay and lubrication effect

For private parts of the elderly:
→ Solve dryness, urine leakage, urinary incontinence


→ Remove eye bags, tighten skin and eliminate hemorrhoids
→ Skin care: Apply directly after cleansing, with lifting and firming techniques, the facial firming effect is very good
→ Hemorrhoids: first infiltrate with antibacterial essence, then use antibacterial lotion

Pregnant women, menstruating women and people with skin allergies should not use it after facial surgery!

Peach Blossom Antibacterial Essence
The beauty of women’s rejuvenation is the most ''critical'' thing with the other half
Let your husband and wife live, the better.

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